How Holiday Charity ball has started

How it all started many years ago..

How it all started many years ago..

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Tatyana Frost,

Co-Producer of Holiday Charity Ball

Bob Savage,

Co-Producer of Holiday Charity Ball

I have always dreamed to host a Charity Ball but didn’t know where to start. One of The Way 2 Dance students, George Berridge, proposed to hold one of our showcases as a charity event and donate proceeds to the well-known charity, Toys for Tots. I remember in October of 2012, I went to take my dance lesson with Tatyana. She mentioned that she would like to do a charity ball for Toys for Tots and needed sponsors. I immediately said that I would be a sponsor a!nd help in any way I could. I had no idea of what I was getting into when I said that.
It was so exciting to start working on this project, especially because there was an absolutely perfect place for that – unique and spacious venue – The Regent! We didn’t have sponsors yet or any idea how we were going to do it, but signed contract with The Regent and only had two months to prepare for the event. It certainly was a large undertaking. We worked hard, we became best friends, we made fun out of something that turned out to be
One of my students, Bob Savage, heard we needed sponsors, and volunteered himself (and his company) as the first sponsor, but also offered to help any way he could. We went through the preparations little by little, day by day, sometimes even taking a big chunk of time away from running our businesses. a tremendous amount of work. We had a contest on who could raise the most for the charity. Every morning one of would text the other “let the contest begin” and we would sta!rt. Then the ! night of the ball, WOW!
We spent hours and hours calling people and driving to different locations asking for donations. In spite of the bad economic times, people were willing to open their hearts with generosity. I am still in awe at the outpouring of support we received. With the help of our volunteers we did it! So many people attende!d the event, boxes and boxes of toys were donated. Everyone had fun and they all were giving back. Neither one of us knew it until the next !day, but

we both found a quiet spot at!the ball to give thanks for the abili- ty to give back. !

By the time the 2nd year event was complete, our donations increased by 45% in boxes of toys and monetary donation. That’s why we keep having the next charity ball. For some reason I decided to take dance lessons and met Tatyana, she had this idea about a char- ity ball and invited me on board, I thought enough of her that I wanted her to succeed, and together we found strengths we never knew had and we were able to give back more than we ever dreamed of.
So many from the community also pitched in to volunteer – assistance that is invaluable to our cause and to whom I am forever grateful. This year will be better than ever. We can’t wait to have you join us! Coincidence or a miracle?
My wife and I attended the Charity Ball in 2013. We will definitely be going this year! It was a spectacular night of dancing, good food and a lot of fun for non-dancers as well I imagine.

Toys for Tots is a great cause and everyone should support the Marines and The Way 2 dance help kids out for Christmas.

- Joe Elam
The ballroom was such a holiday delight with the stacks of wrapped gifts in the center of the tables (thanks to Grace and Al Lewis), the dramatic lighting, and the truly enormous dance floor. Meeting our friends with Seth Alderman singing made for a very special cocktail hour.

As for the rest of the evening… just too much to write!! We loved all the dancing—both the exhibitions and having the opportunity to practice ourselves—and the dinner was truly delicious.

- Sherron Bienvenu
The Ball was a grand show of support and partnership with Toys for Tots. We couldn't have a more fitting celebration for the Holiday spirit.
- James McIlwain